A little about me

After many years in later life working through my own difficulties and trauma from being homeless and helpless suffering from abouse. At a time I really needed someone to depend on, someone to listen, help and point me in the right direction and get back on my feet, and found the help i needed came from kind friends and family at the time. Dealing with abuse at a young age and needing to rebuild me life I became highly empathic and decided to make the change and aim to help others in difficult and dark situations. So I began my training in counselling. This afrer years in a protective industry and time in the military. My focus is helping teens and young adults and have a number of years in schools and colleges doing just that with fantastic results.

Life in modern society is challenging to most and sometimes leads to confusion and harmful mental health concerns be that from within or thosearound us that care, my aim is to help clients find a suitable and stable platform in which to move forward, confidentiality and positively. 

Low mood/depression, anxiety, self-harm, difficult or disturbing thoughts and feelings, life direction and self confidence are just some of the issues I have helped with over the years. 

Sound familiar? Know someone who feels like this? Why not reach out. I take great pride in helping and supporting without judgement in a sade and confidential space.

Everyone welcome.